Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cowgirl Boots and Cupcake Earrings!

 So today I ran errands and did some shopping on my day off of the chaos that is my life. I wanted to wear something casual and comfy but still cute for a day out. I went thru my closet and everything just felt like too much just for a day of grocery shopping and other errands. So I just decided to go with a plain white t-shirt, leggings and to make the outfit just a touch more special I added my cowgirl boots!!
 I LOVE these boots! I got them at Forever 21 ages ago but never really wore them until recently and now they've been my go to shoes! Then I decided to finish the look with my ballerina necklace and cupcake earrings. SO cute!! Both from BETSEY JOHNSON.

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Thats all for now!

Cupcakes and cowgirl boots,

Your Kitty

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