Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello Sweets!! I am back for my RAVE of the week!! I went to Target recently to buy just toilet paper (unheard of I know!)and I ended up coming out with a cart load of goodies! Yes I know, typical Kitty can't go into Target without getting a bunch of stuff! Anyhoo, I had been hearing all over the Youtube community how fabulous these Lip Butters from Revlon were. So I decided to give em a try and OH MY SWEET LIP BUTTER GOD they are AMAZING!!! It feels like my lips died and went to sweet, soft, moisturizing heaven!

 Pictured from Left to Right: Raspberry Pie, Brown Sugar, Sugar Frosting, Candy Apple, Tutti Frutti

My absolute FAVORITE out of the ones I bought: GUMDROP

It's one of my favorite colors I've been loving to wear this summer. Gumdrop is a very light, sheer, Lilac color. Perfect to add a soft, feminine touch to any look! I'll even add a Lilac or Lavender lip gloss over it for an extra pop of color and shine. My favorites are Lilac Pastelle by Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses or Morning Glory by Mac.

Sweet Lilac kisses,
Your Kitty Xoxo

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