Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rant & Rave: Kenra Platinum Hot Spray

I wanted to do just a quick review for you guys before I go to sleep tonight. This product is one of the BEST hair products I've EVER used in my life!!! Not only is it a thermal protector to protect your hair from any damage of using hot tools (which I do very often) but it holds your curl, crimp, swirl or flip! Any style you want to last you through the day weather it be the rain or humid temperatures, this is your product! I use a curling iron very frequently to flip out the ends of my hair. I've always searched for a product that would hold my style just like the way I first had it and this did the trick! I couldn't believe it! It literally changed my life and I couldn't recommend it anymore to you guys. I get it exclusively but I know it is available to anyone on the KENRA WEBSITE. So try it, you wont regret it :)

Peace && Love, 


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