Thursday, September 8, 2011

Say Yes to Carrots!! (And cucumber and tomato too!)

To my beautiful subscribers! Say Yes to Carrots has sent ME and exclusive link my all of you (my subscribers) for 35% off their whole site! I am a faithful customer of theirs and I thought I would share this link with you guys. I have recently made a change to my channel to be 100% cruelty free! Since I do not believe in testing on animals (woof)! Say Yes to Carrots is not only cruelty free but they are vegan too! I can't tell you how nourishing and good for you these products are compared to other brands with harmful parabens and chemicals in them. So check it out! With 35% off your order you can't go wrong. SAY YES TO CARROTS!! :) (Click HERE for 35% your order)

Here are some of my FAVE products!! Just click the title to get the product.

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